Friday, February 25, 2011

Post of Occurrence-1


Many events have occurred in the last week and a half (10 days), so let's start from the beginning. These events have been imported from our Security and Event Logbook. We keep this logbook for reference of important notes; like attacks on the colony and unusual behavior.

Archived 2/24/2011 by Security Officer Alex Hammond/Modified by Garrus Alexander for referential use in blog

Night 1-

*No attacks on colony. 3 pods of virals spotted circling Eastern and Southern walls. No perimeter breaches.

*Personal Note/user/Garrus- It seems as though some of the colonists have been acting a bit out of place lately. Josh and his brother, Isaak, have been in a restless mood, talking about somebody named "Babcock." They are secretly being watched by two of our recon/intel men.

Night 2-

*No noticeable occurrences here on site. The same 3 pods of virals continued to circle the site, but no attacks so far.

Night 3-

Same as yesterday... Continuing to watch for attack.

Night 4-

The virals finally made their move today. One of the three pods attacked the Northwestern section of our perimeter. We were easily able to fend them off and kill them after our lights slowed them down. Oddly enough, this pod was comprised of five virals compared to the usual three. We have increased our watches and set up shotgunners on all sides of the wall... Just in case things get personal.

*Note- 20 .22LR shots fired, 2 7mm Magnum shots fired, 1 12-gauge shot-shell fired.

(Skipping 4 days, no activity during this period)

Night 8-

No attacks from virals, but colonists Josh and Isaak have been put under constant watch for reasons said in note below.

*Personal note/user/Dr. Kyne: Chief Medical Officer- Subjects Josh and Isaak are suffering from extreme dementia and hallucinations. They have been locked up in prison cells 1 and 2 under solitary confinement since their fight today while under house arrest. During this time, Josh shot Isaak in the arm with a .45 single shot Derringer. Isaak responded by attempting to fire his crossbow-pistol into Josh's heart, but instead hit Josh's hand. This is the first colonist attack in the colony so far.
When arrested, they were both mumbling something about how they "had to see Babcock... We all have to see Babcock". I have been receiving numerous reports from colonists about this "Babcock" character. I am going to assess these colonists within the week to see what they can tell me.

Night 10- The largest attack on the colony so far took place today. Three viral pods with five virals in each (15 virals total) attacked the colony on the Eastern, Western, and Southern perimeters. One of our snipers, Clayton Mathius, was pulled over the edge of the Southern wall (post 3). This marks the fifth man we have lost in the line of duty. Our shotgunners did well tonight, being able to fend off three of the four virals that were successful in scaling the wall. The fourth viral was shot by Garrus with a .22 Sig Mosquito.

*Reference Note-15 Virals killed. PFC Sniper Clayton Mathius killed in action (KIA).
77 .22LR shots fired, 9 .30-06 shots fired, 10 12 gauge shots fired, and 30 9mm shots fired.

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