Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Date: 2025/February 16th

To anyone who's fighting for their life out there, you are not alone.

My name is Garrus, and I am sending this blog out from the colony of Neo on the coast of Northern California.

I am writing this blog to give an overview of our daily lives here in the colony. There are seven families here; a total of 49 people, 8 dogs, and 3 cats. We also have livestock and an active agricultural system with clean water.

Our colony is somewhat of a square shape, and is approximately 25 acres in size. We border the San Fransisco Bay (look for two bridges in the area; you will know you are close.)

Neo was founded 10 days after California succeeded from the USA. California became what anyone would consider "cocky" and began to advertise itself as a safe haven. Everyone knew that this was a stupid idea. Someone who was infected with the virus would eventually enter California, and we would all be in danger. So, my family and I gathered up a large group of our friends to try and create our own "safe haven."

At first, we used a high school's indoor swimming pool. At night the building was lit up, so there was no chance of virals getting in and attacking us. At the time, we were safe... Then the power went out. The grid that powered not only the school, but the entire city, had been hit by some sort of explosion. Luckily, all of this took place in the morning. We began to move West, toward the San Fransisco Bay and the Pacific Ocean. I guess that our goal was to find a ship of some sort, but now we all realize that that was an unrealistic expectation.

By nightfall we had reached an abandoned strip mall overlooking the bay. We did a perimeter check on the site, and all seemed well. We decided to use this location for our colony.

As pretty much everybody knows, light is the only effective way to slow down the virals before shooting them in the heart, so we have a set up of 30 large flood lights surrounding the area. 29 are considered our "perimeter lights", while one is our "search light". We shine this light directly into the sky to create a form of beacon; if anyone is around, they will know where to find a safe haven. We believe that at night our lights are visible from around a mile away.

Our power source is produced from solar energy. Our main generator failed 3 years ago, but our hydrogen fuel-cell batteries are still running at full capacity. We can run up to two nights on a single charge.

Weapons are in abundance here in Neo. We keep all of our large weapons locked up in an old sporting goods store near the center of the colony. Small weapons, like handguns, throwing knives, and the like, are allowed within homes after training. Ammo is also in abundance. We found stockpiles of all calibers of ammo (though a large percentage is .22 LR) in the basement of the sporting goods store. If we ever run out of ammo, we have backup crossbows and compound bows. A B-57 Nuclear Bomb with a modified fuse system is kept under constant surveillance in the corner of the sporting good's basement. If our compound is ever compromised, this bomb will be detonated to prevent the infection from spreading to the colonists.

Cellular Satellites are still going strong, for now. I am using a 4G Wireless Internet stick on an old laptop I've had for many years now. God knows when that will fail...

Until next time,